11 Things Only TRUE Surfers Will Understand

Ever feel like you’re just a little bit different from the rest of the crowd? Like you are just on a slightly different page from everyone else? If you’re a surfer, chances are, you are a just a bit odd. There are some things  only surfers will understand, from the wonderful ache after a long day to the ability to justify staying out in the waves long after the beach crowd has escaped the cold and headed home. Read more

3 Ways to Stay Surfing While Stuck Inland

Recently my husband was offered a new job in Northern California. The new job offered more money, better benefits, easier work schedule, pretty much everything you could wish for in a new job, plus some gorgeous new territory to live in and explore. It was an easy decision to pack up our bags and leave our home in San Diego. Except for one deciding, and rather large, factor:

That beautiful, gorgeous, and open expanse we call the Pacific Ocean. Read more

Localism and the California Surf Gangs Problem

Most news stories and Hollywood’s depiction of gangs are your stereotypical thugs on the street; baggy loose clothing, guns and pocket knives, owning some back street or alleyway in downtown LA. But what California keeps ignoring, and what most people are unaware of, is an entirely different brand of gangs that walk around with surfboards and rash guards. Read more

7 Reasons Couples Who Surf Together Stay Together

The internet is full of reasons why couples stay or don’t stay together, from the deeply psychological to the nit-picky quirks that drove them apart. The advice you read will swear that couples should be friends first, couples shouldn’t know each other at all before dating, couples should do stuff together, couples should have their own lives, etc. Read more

How Dangerous is Surfing, Actually?

In the wake of Surfer Mick Fanning’s shark attack off the coast of South Africa last week, the world has reacted in vehement extremes. Everyone, from Youtube stars declaring all surfer’s should stay out of the shark’s home to Brian Kilmeade’s suggestion to “clear the water” of sharks (really?), seems to have an opinion on the future, and safety, of surfing. Read more

10 Yoga Positions Every Surfer Should Practice

Why Practice Yoga?

Yoga works best as a workout in conjunction with other sports. Regular practice of yoga can help

combat aches and pains that are related to specific sports, as well as help strengthen and tone certain muscle areas. That is why so many athletes utilize yoga; it helps with all around athleticism, recovery, muscle development, stress release, and flexibility. Read more