Surfing Stretches – 4 Warm Up Stretches Before Hitting the Water

Do you do any stretches before you surf? Chances are you skip this little warm up more than often, but it’s more important than you might think. You’re much more prone to injury if you don’t warm up before any type of exercise, and surfing is no different. The last thing you want while out in pumping surf is to let waves pass you by while you try to shake out the muscle cramp in Read more

Introducing the Wurf Board – Surf While Standing at Your Desk

Ever been sat at your desk in the office just daydreaming about being out surfing? Well soon you’ll be able to come a little closer to feeling the sensation of riding a wave while working, all thanks to the Wurf Board (site). The inflatable Wurf Board describes itself as an ‘active-response platform for standing desks’, but what does that actually mean? Well a Wurf Board will replicate, in its own way, the feeling of standing on a surfboard, along with the balance and coordination it requires. Read more

Q-Fin – Is Quantum Fin the Next Step in Surfboard Fin Technology?

Surfboard fins haven’t changed all that much since Simon Anderson created the three fin thruster. Sure, new materials have been played around with, different sizes experimented with and different foils have been tested and tweaked. But in its essence the thruster setup is still going strong, after over 30 years it’s still the standard surfboard fin setup used by most surfers today. Can the Quantum Fin (Q-Fin) change this?  Read more

4 Awesome River Surfing Waves from Across the Globe

You don’t have to be close to the ocean to surf, you don’t even need a wave pool, if you’re landlocked and simply must get your wave fix then river waves can do the job! River surfing is legit and new spots are being discovered all the time, but where are the best places to start for the budding river wave surfer? We’ve compiled our top four river surfing waves from across Read more

Sustainable Surf Wax – Our Pick of the Best Eco-Friendly Surf Waxes

The sustainable surfing movement is growing and so it should be. With a vested interest in protecting the natural environment we, as surfers, all have a part to play, no matter how big or small. One small way we can all make a change is by putting our money where our mouth is and buying sustainable surf wax over those made using ingredients derived from petrochemicals. Read more

Just Started Surfing? Perfect Beginner Surf Camps

No surfer can say that riding waves came easy when they first started. Taking a surf trip to really get stuck into surfing for a week or two can really improve your skills, but you need to be realistic about your abilities. Booking a boat trip around the Mentawai Islands when you’ve just bought your first longboard is not a good idea. To give you a hand, here are three Read more

Night Surfing – Have You Tried it Yet?

Why limit yourself to the daylight hours when it comes to getting your wave fix? Night surfing seems to be getting some extra attention now thanks to wave parks looking to maximize their profits, but surfers have been braving the waves in the ocean at night long before wave parks were a reality. Night surfing isn’t exactly a new thing, there have been competitions staged at night and professional exhibition surfs after dark all over the world. Floodlights on the shoreline overlooking a break usually Read more

Coldest Waves in Europe: Surfing Iceland and the Reykjanes Peninsula

Usually surf travel involves going somewhere where the weather is warmer and the waves are better than where you live, so surfing Iceland has rarely been a contender against tropical surfing paradises like Hawaii and Indonesia. Trouble is that the waves there are actually pretty sick and if you want to get away from the crowds the spots here are littered with more Read more

Do You Surf Sharky Waters? Then You’ll Need Shark Shield Freedom+ Surf

The man in the grey suit is someone no surfer ever wants to meet out in the water. We play in their preying grounds, we venture into their territory, and we don’t want to ever get caught. But surfers and sharks have a confused relationship. On the one hand, wave riders hold a deep respect for the ocean and all the life in it, doing their best to protect the seas and its creatures. Read more

A Trip to Thurso and Surfing Scotland in an isolated town in Caithness

Did you know that one of the best reef breaks in Europe is in the land of the bagpipes? That’s right, haggis, fine Scotch whiskey and exquisite righthand barrels await the surfer who trudges all the way to the northernmost town on the British Isles. At Thurso you’ll avoid the frustrating crowds of more comfortable warm water surfing locales and experience some unique culture while Read more