5 Awesome Waves for Longboarding in Europe

5 Awesome Waves for Longboarding in Europe

Europe has some spectacular surf spot setups, the only problem being that to get really good waves surfers often have to wait for the big winter swells. When summer hits, it’s time to break out the longboard and paddle into some mellow peelers! If you’re planning a trip to the culture continent makes sure you check out these five awesome waves for longboarding in Europe …

Gwithian – UK

A wide expanse of sand in the deep south west of England, Gwithian is one of the finest beach breaks in Cornwall and has a dedicated longboarding scene. The waves can be mellow on small days and really pack a punch when the swell picks up. A-frame peaks break all along the bay, giving the crowds plenty of choices to spread out. The unspoilt countryside and sand dunes create the perfect backdrop for a laid-back day hotdogging.

Strandhill – Ireland

Over on the rugged Atlantic coastline of Ireland is the quiet little beach town of Strandhill, just outside of Sligo Town. This bay serves up a variety of surfing options, from the punchy beach break waves to a long right-hand point break rolling over boulder rocks. This point break, called Bluerock, is especially good for longboarding and can handle bigger swells much better than the beach break. The water is cold here, so make sure you pack plenty of rubber if you go!

Guethary – France

Guethary has been on the radar for European surfers since the sixties, and quite rightly too. This Sunset-like wave breaks a little way off the shore but the long paddle out isn’t so bad when you can navigate around the break to avoid duck-dives. You can ride both right and lefts here, but you’ll get much longer rides on the right and the left will drop you off in the impact zone! It’s an awesome longboard wave in smaller swells, however this spot can hold up to 5 meter swells and beyond, and that’s when the guns get dusted off and it’s experts only!

Yerbabuena – Spain

On the southern Andalusian coast of Spain lies a point break that has become a classic surf spot in the region. It doesn’t break all that often, but when it does it’s an absolute dream. Long right-hand rides of up to 300 metres are possible when the elements align, and it stays powerful as it breaks over the flat rocks. Yerbabuena is located close to the coastal town of Barbate, the perfect place to stay when you’re planning to surf this spot.

Buarcos – Portugal

Another quality right-hand point break that needs a big chunk of swell to get going, Buarcos doesn’t have the consistency of other Portuguese surf spots but it sure is fun when it’s on. Still to this day the wave doesn’t get overly crowded, and its long mellow walls can feather away for hundreds of meters. This wave is all about the big carves and cutbacks, making it perfect for longboarding. It’s user-friendly too, with a soft sand bottom and it works at all stage of the tide.

Featured image: @ruben_fuente via Instagram

Jack Taylor

Jack Taylor

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Jack Taylor

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