Slipstream – It’s Netflix for Adventure Films!

You could Netflix and chill, or how about Slipstream and froth! A new startup out of Vancouver has created a video streaming service that specializes solely in adventure films, from surfing to snowboarding, climbing to kayaking, and everything in between. It’s a hub where filmmakers can showcase their latest creations and viewers can have access to an ever-growing library of adventure cinema. Launched for public use at the end of February 2017, the service is still in its infancy but the founders believe they’re filling a gap in the market that is not being catered to. With 23 years of experience in video between them and a love for the outdoors, whether in the sea or the mountains, the people behind Slipstream could be onto something…

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NOTOX and the KORKO – A New Take on the Eco-Friendly Surfboard

Environmentally conscious surfers and shapers across them world have been searching for ways to make the surfboard industry more green, less toxic, altogether closer to nature, and a French company is the latest to offer something completely different. A new take on the eco-friendly surfboard, the KORKO is made out of cork. Yes, that’s right, a surfboard made of cork. Corks float so making  surfboard out of cork should work, and the French have plenty of corks thanks to all the wine they drink, so the scene is most certainly set…

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2017 Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast – Owen Wright Makes a Huge Comeback!

It’s been a wild weekend in Coolangatta, with the 2017 Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast and Roxy Pro Gold Coast all wrapped up for another year. The first event of the WSL Championship Tour didn’t disappoint, with plenty of surprises and insane surfing, as per usual. After a nasty injury at Pipe and a year off the tour, Owen Wright came back to surprise everyone and take the win at Snapper Rocks. Get yourself up to speed with the highlights from finals day…

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Smartfin – Save the Ocean While You Surf

There are lots of ways that you can do your bit to help keep our oceans clean, safe and healthy, from beach clean-up projects to protests against sewage outlets. But what about if you could help scientists, ocean researchers and environmental groups all at the same time, doing nothing more than going out for your usual surf? With a new invention created by the guys at Lost Bird you can do exactly that. It’s called Smartfin (link), and it’s filling a gap in ocean research that has long been troublesome to collect data on. Read more

Chris Bertish Completes World-First Atlantic Ocean Paddleboard Crossing!

South African waterman and big wave surfer Chris Bertish, has successfully completed his attempt at crossing the Atlantic Ocean on a paddleboard. He set off from Agadir, Morocco, in December last year, spending Christmas aboard his specially-adapted ocean-going SUP craft named the ImpiFish. After 93 days at sea and 4,050 miles paddled, Bertish stroked into English Harbour on the Caribbean island of Antigua on the morning of March 9th at 8.32am local time. Here’s the reaction when he finally reached dry land after more than 3 months on the ocean. Read more

Paddle Pillow – Taking the Pain Out of Surfing

Surfing takes its toll on the human body, on your knees and particularly your back. We tend to take our bodies for granted when we’re young, with the belief that things will just get better, not wanting to believe that at some point the pendulum of fitness will swing back the other way. As any aging surfer will tell you, riding waves gets harder the older you get. All sorts of health problems can stop you from getting in the water, or at least make surfing a painful experience. One man was experiencing this firsthand and came up with something that helped him tremendously. The man’s called David Collins, and his invention is the Paddle Pillow… Read more

Sierra Leone, Afghanistan and Other Unlikely Members of the International Surfing Association

The International Surfing Association (ISA) is like a wise old grandfather to the sport of surfing, encouraging inclusion for all and bringing together countries from across the world to become part of a worldwide surfing family. There are 98 different member federations in the ISA, 98 countries that have an association devoted to surfing and spreading the stoke within their territory. Some of these don’t even have a coastline, and others are regarded as no-go areas when it comes to surf travel. Read more

Small Screen Surfing – 4 Flicks Not to Miss

Every week dope videos of surfers from across the world are being uploaded to Vimeo and YouTube. Some are for marketing, some for boosting profiles, others just made out of pure love for surfing and filmmaking. While you’re waiting for the next big-budget, feature-length surf movie to be released, satisfy your appetite for watching sick wave riding with these small screen surfing shorts! Read more

Australian Open of Surfing – Julian Wilson Beaten to the 2017 Title!

Another year, another epic festival on the shores of Manly Beach in Sydney! The 2017 Australian Open of Surfing (link) was off the hook, a week-long festival of surfing, skating, BMX, and music, so if you weren’t there you missed out… But don’t worry, we’re gonna recap on just how it went down right here! So here’s a little teaser to get you started… Read more