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5 Surfers Not On The Surfing Championship Tour… But Should Be!

Time waits no man, and for every surfer that manages to carve out a pro career and make it to the Surfing Championship Tour there are hundreds, maybe thousands, more trying to do the exact same thing. New talent is cropping up across the world all the time, young guns, local legends, once radical groms and now ready for the big league. Here are five of the best young surfers, each from a different part of the planet, who have the Surfing Championship Tour firmly in their sights. All these guys rip, tipped to become surfing greats, they just haven’t clocked up enough points on the QS to prove it yet…

Griffin Colapinto – America

Santa Clemente local Griffin Colapinto has been on the radar for quite some time already, surfing alongside Kohole Andino at his home break Lowers, but the last year or two he’s really ramped things up. He’s got a bag full of tricks and he’s not afraid to use them in contests. This year at the Volcom Pipe Pro he placed 3rd, and is making the full push to qualify for the Surfing Championship Tour next season. His latest edit has got people thinking that he’s in with a hell of a good chance of getting there too…

Yago Dora – Brazil

We’ve seen plenty of Brazilians making it onto the Surfing Championship Tour, and Yago Dora is looking like he’ll be the next one. From the surfing mecca of Florianópolis in Santa Catarina, Dora has already scooped up a whole bunch of sponsors, including Futures Fins, Volcom, and Monster. His freesurfing is off the hook, so if he can bring his game to the CT the future is bright for this guy. On the other hand, he might decide to follow in the footsteps of guys like Dane Reynolds and skip the contests altogether. Let’s hope not…

Charly Quivront – France

Next up we have the Frenchman Charly Quivront, or ‘le Chat’ as he’s known to his friends, a Hossegor local who’s been brought up on a diet of dredging sandy barrels. Charly’s been branching out on his quest to shred waves from across the world, and he’s certainly got a taste for the heavy stuff. After spending plenty of winters at the Volcom house on the North Shore, Hawaii has won the number one spot as his favourite place on the planet, and that’s precisely where you’ll see him rip next…

Jack Robinson – Australia

Jack Robinson starting charging big waves early and even now he’s still not out of his teens. The Australian is already talked about as one of the best surfers in the world, so it seems things can only get better for him. The only thing stopping him from getting on the Surfing Championship Tour is that he’d rather search out seriously hollow waves instead of trailing the QS contests and surfing cruddy waves trying to qualify…

Josh Moniz – Hawaii

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The powerhouse from Hawaii, Josh Moniz comes from a surfing family, riding waves with his dad, sister and brother in his early years. Growing up in the birthplace of surfing has surely helped Josh hone his skills, his rounded style and progressive air game is sure to catapult to the top of the QS in no time, and then it’s his turn to have a crack at the Surfing Championship Tour…

Featured image: @charlyquivront via Instagram

Jack Taylor

Jack Taylor

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Jack Taylor

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  1. Awesome post Jack! It’s cool to see the new and “up and coming” talent. Totally impressed with Jack Robinson! Maybe not the most technical on the small stuff, but there’s no shortage of juniors aerialists in the world. Where I am most impressed is his confidence in the barrels of big one’s. No fear, and I love it!

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