Biggest Waves Surfed in 2017

The Biggest Waves Surfed in 2017 So Far!

The Big Wave Awards is quite possibly the greatest thing about the WSL. Chargers from across the world chase down huge swells and ride monster waves. No contest waiting periods, no heats in crappy waves, just the most fearless surfers putting everything on the line.

It’s a real shame the Big Wave Tour has just been cut down to just three events, because even before the cut big wave surfers aren’t earning anything close to what the guys on the Championship Tour make. Those contests were a potential pay check for big wave surfers, so let’s just hope that this shrinking of the Big Wave Tour doesn’t mean less and less entries into the Big Wave Awards.

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There have already been some absolutely killer waves ridden so far this tear, so let’s check out the Biggest Waves Surfed in 2017 from around the world!

Pedro Vianna – Nazaré

Brazilian charger Pedro ‘Scooby’ Vianna goes for broke when he tries to outpace this Nazaré beast, making good distance before the white water catches up with him. A quick pickup from the jet ski isn’t quite quick enough as they both get bucked off and washed up on the inside…

Conor Maguire – Mullaghmore

The heaving slab of Mullaghmore features in this next clip, with Irishman Conor Maguire the star of show. On a big, cold day, with the wind howling and ocean looking ferocious, he pulls into a heaving barrel and makes it out to tell the tale…

Lapo Coutinho – Jaws

With the sun dropping into the horizon and off shores blowing mammoth spray off the back of maxing Jaws, Lapo Coutinho paddles into a absolute bomb and makes the drop at Hawaii’s premier big wave spot…

Alex Zirke – San Borondón

Hailing from Tenerife in the Canary Islands, Alex Zirke isn’t a name we see crop up regularly at the Big Wave Awards, but it will from now on. The Spaniard takes on a ginormous left at the mysterious island of San Borondón…

Francisco Porcella – Mavericks

To finish off the Biggest Waves Surfed in 2017 so far, we have a world first at Mavericks, where Italian Francisco Porcella takes off at the legendary NorCal wave. He can’t quite keep on his feet but he doesn’t wipe out either. Confused? Click play and see for yourself…

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Jack Taylor

Jack Taylor

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Jack Taylor

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